What is Domestic Violence?

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is all about Power & Control.

Domestic Violence is more than just physical abuse.

Domestic violence and abuse(DVA) affects the whole family, the neighborhood through public commotions, and the society or nation because of the economics involved in taking care of the victims through hospitalization and other social services, like shelters for it`s abused victims.

DVA is and should be handled as a crime that must be eradicted.It is an indication of unhealthy relationships in our society and creates fear and insecurity in our homes.One of it`s horrific consequences are children as witnesses to horrific crimes on their loved ones. No child deserves this!

What is your role in all this?

As a member of KWIG keep yourself informed through our simplified and updated Blog on how to identify DVA in your relationships .We will help you to see with clarity the RED FLAGS of a potential abuser during the dating phase or in your current intimate relationship.This will help us all stay safe and enable us to lead wholesome, healthy ,stable lives.

DVA is Universal.It can happen and affects everyone regardless of age,race,socioeconomic status,sexual preference,religious affiliation or gender.

In the next articles we shall break down DVA by unmasking it.

Content written by:

Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz. Community Manager KWIG. Group Member DVA Team @ Kwig.Community Reporter & Digital Storyteller Köln, Germany.

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