KWIG Celebrates its First Nationwide Christmas in Style  

Christmas is probably one of the most significant holidays worldwide. It is marked by a season of good cheer and festive family fun, punctuated by traditions culled from a variety of cultures. KWIG was not missing out on this. KWIG State Representatives outdid themselves last year when they organized a nationwide Christmas party, which took place in different cities across Germany on December 4th. The occasion, celebrated in color and pomp, saw KWIG members, family and friends come together to make jolly. Gifts were exchanged, songs were sung, friendly chatter and banter took center stage. The representatives also took the opportunity to inform members of what they had achieved and the plans they have for the organization. The State Representatives are part of several KWIG Working Groups. These have long been considered as the heart and soul of the association. Here, members use their professional know-how on a voluntary basis to realize the goals of the association. The joy and gratitude from those who attended the various festivities only mirrored the commitment, passion and hard work the State Representatives put in organizing the special occasion. Many saw it as an opportunity to meet physically, network and get familiar with the faces they often see during online meetings. All in all, the festivities marked the birth of a longstanding KWIG tradition that will keep bringing families together to bask in the glory of the Christmas spirit! Here are impressions as narrated by some of the representatives: Niedersachsen / Bremen We celebrated our KWIG Christmas Event in Osnabrück at ‘African Dishes Restaurant’ , which owned by our Kenyan sister Helen Nintemann. The choice of venue was deliberate as we strived to support our sister’s business. KWIG is all about bringing Kenyan women together and empowering them. We wanted to have a feeling of home away from home. This Event was a true Definition of “umoja ni nguvu” , as we say in Swahili. We need to continue supporting one another in whatever way we can.  

Rheinland-pfalz & Saarland  

The Event was organized by the Representatives Virginia Weiß, Jane Kerl and Mary Okiki. There were about 30 adults and 20 children in attendance. A lot of support was received from Julie Onyando, Hope Stacy and Becky Obwogi. They donated decorations, prepped the hall. Stacy was the DJ and Marvin Weiß did COVID pass and tests check. Shirley Cox and Betty made the plenty, delicious Food. The event took place at ‘Haus Afrika’ in Osnabrück, and our Host was Lillian. Amazing activities during the event involved gift exchange among adults, Christmas Nikolaus for kids, donations for Edith Gsell, who had sadly lost her husband. Lillian, our Host got a beautiful mug with KWIG Logo as a thank you. ​  


Party took place at La villageoise Restaurant in Frankfurt from 16-22Pm. Our dress code was Christmas colors red n white. This is how our program went: 1.We started with word of prayer. 2.Then dinning n drinking. 3.lntroduction 4.Exchange of the gifts. 5.Celebrated birthday of one of us. 6.Closing speech from State Representatives.  

Article by Philly Yambo Makora 

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