The Kenyan Embassy Berlin

After knocking on door of our Kenyan Embassy, we finally managed to get a response from Ms. Lydia Olesi Ojiambo charge d’Affaires who together with Ms. Matilda Lijembe accepted our invitation to meet Kenyans in Köln in September 2019. Soon after, the ball started rolling.

The year 2021 brought the arrival of His excellency Ambassador Tom Amolo and the change became noticeable by every Kenyan in Germany. The Embassy can now be visited by each and every Kenyan. Most Kenyans now have a feeling of belonging away from home. The feedback from the consular section is beyond encouraging, thanks to Ms. Emma M. K. Malinda and Mr. Alexander N. Karuma who is a father figure to many. Ambassador Tom Amolo has attended several meetings with Kenyans both it on zoom and in person.

Reviews from KWIG members who have visited the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin



“Saseni , just a positive feedback from our embassy. I was there today for the very first time since I came here , also my first time in Berlin 🤦🏽‍♀️. My appointment was at 11:40 am but by 11:36 am I was done; reason I had all the documents I required to have, the service was top very friendly . God is working through our new ambassador. A happy Kenyan I am , though filling in hizo ma applications wasn’t that easy ! Thank God for the friends I have who are gifted differently”….



“Very nice people! The last time I was there, they were so kind even though I had some papers not certified, they helped me out, showed me where to go and still waited for me until I came back, they invited me for lunch as well. I ate! 😅😅 When I hear people complain about them, my advice is always, create time and go there personally, you will see totally different people”….



” I got Kalume in the middle of a conversation asking nyayo house to expedite our passports. Man… Am so Happy for this new Attitude… Alafu people should understand,,now i get it coz I sat there for almost four hours..calls kept coming in meant if he stops working on the documents he was working on anachelewa coz tulikua almost twelve people. Na asipochukua somebody will complain. Maybe they should hire an extra hand for answering phonecalls. My opinion though”



“Good work to our kenyan embassy in Berlin. They promised that I will receive my passport within 3 to 4 weeks. I received it within the stipulated time.”



I want to give reviews on our “New Embassy”. And when I say New i mean new building, new Attitude from the staff. Been there Twice before and there was nothing to write about. I want to congratulate His Highness the Ambassador. I Believe he is on a mission to deliver what he promised on his First zoom meeting organised by Kwig. Previously ATA a simple Photocopy,they would send you out to go Photocopy yourself. This round ,not…and this doesn’t mean that uende bila kufanya Photocopy 😂 Mimi speaking on my experience… Apparently I had uploaded half of the required documents.. one Mr Kalume and Mr Henry took upon themselves to enter into my E- citizen account and uploaded everything again for me. Am sure ingekua before wangenituma nje nikafanye mwenyewe. Again ..sijawaambia mufanye ka Mimi… Another thing I had paid for 32 pages ..don’t!!! They are not in Produktion pay for a 48 one.. again i don’t know the name of the stuff but he offered to pay for another 1550ksh with his Mpesa for me.. sijawaambia Pia nyinyi mfanya. ( I payed back in cash since sikua na mpesa) yaani they offered alot of help. My experience… Not me alone .there was also a lady who’s child documents had issues again Mr Kalume took his time to help…. What am saying is .Things are looking up people. Mgala Muue lakini haki yake mpe. I was in and out of Berlin like in twelve hours to and from my ort . Congratulations to Our Embassy staff.”

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