Victims & Survivors Testimonies

Victims & Survivors Testimonies

These are 2 cases presented at our Domestic violence and abuse(DVA) Re-Launch 8th, March 2022

Case No 1.Miss M and Teenage daughter.

“Being a victim of DVA ,l am humbly grateful for our DVA Team @ Kwig for their support through my worst nightmare in the year 2021. The team guided me on the steps to take and the offices to approach for financial help and shelter services. I was personally guided to the right lawyers to take up my court case, and l am currently still in the divorce process with my ex-husband refusing to sign the necessary papers to fight for my justice.l lost everything since l sold everything, my house, my car, and resigned from a well-paying job in Kenya to migrate to Germany to join my husband. The horrors started from the very first day we arrived in Germany to a cold winter. The house was very dirty and my daughter and l had to scrub from top to bottom on the very first week. My ex-husband bought us one pair of winter clothes and these were to be the last clothes he would ever buy for us. Because of the legalities of the on going case l will not go into details about the abuse me and my child faced. l am glad to say we are now in a better place and both of us are doing our Ausbildung. We finally got an apartment and live in peace with no threats. My advice.It is not easy as a migrant in a foreign land, but you must stay strong and intergrate.Do not give up the fight for your freedom and justice incase of abuse.Consult the team and listen and follow the advice given by the DVA team,and you will come through winning .l look back every day and l am grateful to Mrs jane and Mrs charity for holding my hand and following up on everything l did and still check up on me to date.Do not suffer alone. The team is God sent.Thank you.”

Case no 2:Miss B

“I lived for two years in a very dark and abusive marriage only because of fear of deportation and my life.l was verbally, mentally,, physically and financially abused.l lost so much self-esteem, hope and became a shivering introvert. You see l am not Kenyan, but one-day l decided to post my dilemma in a certain African women group. Mrs Charity Wairimu latz reached out to me .After listening to my story she contacted the Kwig DVA team and introduced me to Mrs Jane Gitonga Tüschen and the two saved me from the grave.These two ladies were really God-sent and l feel l can never pay them back enough.I am now independent and l still do not hesitate to call on them when in need.l have a pending case in court with my ex-husband. He is very annoyed that l was not deported as was his wish all along.l have an apartment, I am working full time now and have completed my C1 German language course, which I passed with good grades.Dear DVA Team; Charity,Jane and now Ruth who l was informed joined the DVA Team,thank you.May the blessings of joy and favour follow you forever and l follow the lead.”

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