Not only  is one welcomed by the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm1, but also the Rhein River and the Mosel River. The Rhein, born in the Swiss Mountains, is the longest river in Germany measuring at 2,962 Meters to empty into the North Sea. The River Mosel is a tributary of the Rhein, whereby these two rivers merge at the famous Deutsches Eck in Koblenz.

A s h o r t t r i p t o B u r g  Ehrenbreitstein, gets youcrossing the Rhein River ina car cable. This gives you
the perfect view of where the two rivers merge. On ahot summer day, drinking alot of fluids is a necessity.
The rule of the higher yougo the cooler it becomes,doesn’t apply during the hotperiod. It gets hotter as youreach the top. There are noshades to shield you from the burning sun.

While at St. Goar, wine tasting can be done and one can cross
the Rhein River using the Ferry. It’s a short drive, but one is
able to enjoy the view of different building structures edged on
the slopes of this small town. Fortresses „Burg“ to visit are the Burg Rheinfels, Maus and Katz.
These Burgs are dilapidated, but they tell stories of past wars. On the other hand, the Schloss, gives one a view of how the kings and queens used to live back in the day. The eye-catcher is a
visit to the Loreleystadt.

There is a sculptor of a woman seated right on the bank of the Rhein River at St. Goarshausen.
Stories are told of how she would lure men to their death. On the way to the nunnery, she climbs
on the rock to have a last view of the Rhine and assumes to have seen her love and jumps in it.

Article by Wambui Witten

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