Narcissistic Abusers Behaviours

Narcissistic Abusers Behaviours

Domestic Violence and Abuse environments are where Narcissistic persons thrive. Their top priority is controlling their targeted victim and gaining as much power over their lives. Narcissistic persons DO precisely what they want, How they want when they want, and With Whom they wish. They will never compromise to please their victim or show any act of love without a hidden agenda. In domestic violence and abuse, the term is “Love-Bombing”.

The standard tactic of love-bombing after an act of abuse or during a dating phase is to lure the victim into a trap. They intentionally win the trust, affection and loyalty of their intimate partner. Furthermore, they subtly isolate their victim from friends and family. Their victim becomes one of their possessions.

After an act of abuse, be it physical, sexual or any other form of abuse, they will promise never to do it again. Be not fooled; any minor adjustments make them feel heroic. To them, these are selfless acts of grace, and they will demand constant praise. Statements like; “Don’t you like this necklace? It is costly. If you do not like it, l will return it to the jewellery shop”.The victim will start feeling guilty and shower their abuser with excessive praise. This topic will not be a one-off discussion but a constant reminder of their goodness and the ungratefulness of their victim. A behaviour termed; “gaslighting”.The victim is continually confused, guilty, self-blame, fearful, and has doubts about their sanity.

Narcs are not only physical abusers but expert psychological abusers, very similar to psychopaths.

If you feel any of the above, are threatened, constantly intimidated, demeaned and feel like you are no longer own your life….Please Seek Help.

DVA Team at Kwig. e V is there for you.

FB message the team.Jane Gitonga Tüshen, Ruth Nagi or Myself

Compiled by: Charity Wairimu Ngugi Latz. Community Manager @Kwig.e.V, Team member: DVA

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