So, today is Mother’s Day. This day revives memories of how our mothers have birthed and brought us up to become women of substance in the society. Some have had the privilege of being called mothers as well as rainbow mothers. But Kina mama zetu are a special breed. It is the threats of one being sold out, which was never the case, or questioned who their mother was just to instill fear of a possible beating. Like they were expecting a di ff erent answer. But hii ndo strategy mums knew that it will actually have an impact on whoever is on the receiving end. Innocent tears couldn’t easily spook them to adjourn their disciplining mission. Tough love wasn’t for the weak. Actually, their toughness made us believe that it was for the better good. In the long run, the same discipline would be passed down to the children of their children. It was in the moment of reminiscence that one actually realized that mama never meant it kwa ubaya .

There is nothing more significant than mapenzi ya mama . As their bodies give in to old age, they reflect at the moment their children took their first steps, said their first words, the patience of a child repeating the same word wrongly for an extensive period of time making them laugh unwillingly. They only wish that their children could be like them or even turn out better. The time comes when we move to the next level of life. Taking responsibility of tiny human souls who turn out to be men and women in the society. Whatever the individual outcome, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for mama . The woman who went to bed on an empty stomach so that you could have a brighter future. The woman who kept motivating her child to never give up on life after enjoying some apana tambua moments and life itself had lessons harder than those of mama . When we become mothers, we see our mothers struggles through the lenses of our children and finally realize that all the toughness made sense.


Article by Wambui Witten

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