It‘s been a tumultuous year that doesn’t seem to take a rest..2021

Now what to do when travel or getaway plans have been thwarted into the peripherals of until “further notice “?  Well, life must go on. The cycles of life won’t stop; so we have to build a crispy momentum to navigate the isolation and travel restrictions imposed which has been a pain.  Easter is a period for life to “SPRING” back after a season filled with darkness and sorrow. We must carve a path alongside these restrictions and adopt coping mechanisms.

To SPRING back to life, you need two things: HEALTH and A POSTIVE outlook. Without health, your plans are lifeless and without a positive outlook you can’t anticipate a new beginning, that ray of sunshine that is literally coming our way!

So how do you get to groove during this lockdown? How can you entertain your children before they terrorize you senseless?  The trick is to outdo them. Plan activities that will not only be exciting but also tire them so that you too can rejuvenate your senses.

1.Arrange Picnics

Should the weather allow, set out a picnic site within your garden or Pattio. Let the whole family interact in the setting up as well as creation of meals. This is the time to bond as a family because pandemic has proved that family is the only standing unit for human interaction. It doesn’t have to be perfect just graced with love, grace laughter, flowers and lots of eggs in different variations. Time to find out the interests, likes, fears and hopes of your family members. Give hugs while at it just remind them you love them.

2.Egg Hunt

Hide the eggs and let the family find them and place them into a bowl for game no 3.

3.Egg Races

These eggs must be boiled to avoid making a mess!  You’ll need 4 bowls for the participants to place their eggs on the other end and space. If you are a family of 4 have 13 eggs to allow for 3 rounds of races.  Whomever has the most eggs wins!



4.Bunny Race

You will need sacks (GUNIA) for the participants. Each Participants wears a sack as pants and takes part in the race. Whomever gets to the finishing line fast and first wins!

5.Water bombs

With the anticipated warm weather, you can source for Zuru bunch water balloons on amazon, fill them with water and let there be a water war! This is an exceptional way to cool down and enjoy the energy that comes with running around. Even better would be if you have a sliding mat where both grown ups and children could slide on and get silly.

6.Rope Skipping

Let your family skip rope as you get creative by either doing stunts and let them mimick your postures. Just like follow the leader concept.

7. Outdo each other on family friendly tiktok videos.

8. Ballon press

Fill Ballons with water and have two Participants carry/press them with their backs together to a setpoint without letting it fall or burst.

9.Dancing/ Karaoke

Allow for Karaoke and singing competition for the whole family to take part in

10.Create PIT FIRES

 Chill by the fire in the evenings with warm blankets as you drink some hot chocolate and have a grill buffet of course you have been preparing this together during the day

11. The musical chair game

Let there be more chairs than there are participants e.g., 4 Chairs for 5 Participant and music. Let participants rotate the seats as they dance as someone halts the music they must be seated. Whoever misses a seat is out of the game and takes a chair with them. In the long run the winner gets to be carried by all members of the family  who lost and gets fed with lots of Ice cream.

12. Enjoy movies that shower your soul with joy and hope

Joy and laugher this Easter.

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