Easter Getaway -Schliersee

Easter Getaway -Schliersee

When asked about my favourite getaway in Germany, my answer is always Bavaria and in particular the Schliersee area. While enjoying activities around the Lake is a big piece of that, we also love to use it as a base to visit Garmisch Partenkirchen and sometimes drive to Munich as well. In fact we loved this trip so much that we did it for back to back summers!! I just can’t get enough of the cable car rides that offer spectacular views of the Alpine lakes. But I am getting ahead of myself. How does one get to Schliersee? Just a short one hour drive from Munich on the A8 should get you there. Alternatively one can use the Deutsche Bahn app to find cheap round trip train tickets especially if travelling with a family. Accomodation varies all the way from hostels to 5-star hotels and everything in between. My advice is to book way in advance to take advantage of discounted rates. A personal favourite of mine is the Karma Bavaria . ( www.karmagroup.com )

Make sure you pack your hiking shoes because whether you are taking a leisure walk through the charming town , walking around the lake or climbing up the Schliersbergalm, your feet will thank you for being prepared. Speaking of Schliersbergalm, the most comfortable way to get there is taking the cable car. Once up there , enjoy the stunning views of the lake below while eating at the restaurant or join the kids at the playground. Whatever you do, DO NOT miss the toboggan run down the mountain. This is 950m of pure fun! I am unashamed to say that we did this three times in a row. And where would we be without good old Bavarian food? Our family favourite is www.ratskeller- schliersee.de Explore, explore, explore! There is no shortage on the variety of excursions that you can take from Schliersee. It can be a little `kalt` if it is not summer but that is part of the adventure. Nothing I write here can do justice to the charm of this little Bavarian town. You just have to get there and experience it for yourself!

Article by Charity Jacobs

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