Our vibrant networking community provides a personal platform where we support, empower and promote each other. We thrive to help make a difference in community through philanthropic initiatives that raise […]


Nearly all abusive relationships contain a certain amount of gaslighting. The abusers convince their targeted victims that their perception of abuse is inaccurate. As a result, the victim has a lot of […]

GHOSTING: in intimate relationships.

What is Ghosting? In an intimate relationship, it is the practical act of abruptly ending or withdrawing from the relationship without explanation. It is a form of domestic abuse that […]

Recycled Toxic Abuse: Psychological Abuse.

Psychological abuse is all forms of emotional abuse and injuries to the person. Unfortunately, it is not easy to discern because there are no visible scars or wounds. Various other […]


Not only  is one welcomed by the statue of Kaiser Wilhelm1, but also the Rhein River and the Mosel River. The Rhein, born in the Swiss Mountains, is the longest […]

Become allergic to a Narc

How can you sniff out a Narcissistic partner to be, and they become allergic to you, so you do not have to go through all the damage and trauma trails […]

Narcissistic Abusers Behaviours

After an act of abuse, be it physical, sexual or any other form of abuse, they will promise never to do it again. Be not fooled; any minor adjustments make […]

Easter Getaway -Schliersee

When asked about my favourite getaway in Germany, my answer is always Bavaria and in particular the Schliersee area. While enjoying activities around the Lake is a big piece of […]


Easter has never been complete without some nyama choma, ugali and hot kachumbari to accompany the festivity of having a thigúku after a cumbersome njaanuary . Normally, it’s an arrival […]

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