GHOSTING: in intimate relationships.

What is Ghosting? In an intimate relationship, it is the practical act of abruptly ending or withdrawing from the relationship without explanation. It is a form of domestic abuse that […]

Recycled Toxic Abuse: Psychological Abuse.

Psychological abuse is all forms of emotional abuse and injuries to the person. Unfortunately, it is not easy to discern because there are no visible scars or wounds. Various other […]

Become allergic to a Narc

How can you sniff out a Narcissistic partner to be, and they become allergic to you, so you do not have to go through all the damage and trauma trails […]

Narcissistic Abusers Behaviours

After an act of abuse, be it physical, sexual or any other form of abuse, they will promise never to do it again. Be not fooled; any minor adjustments make […]

GASLIGHTING-Are You Being “Gas Lit?”

Part 1. “Gaslighting” is a buzzword. It is the definition of a pattern of behaviour part of all abusive relationships. Gaslighting happens in romantic relationships, within the family setups; with […]

DVA Interview Testimony Victim &Survivor

DVA Team: Tell us something about yourself.Just what you feel comfortable with DVA Team: When did you realise that you were in an abusive marriage? DVA Team: Did you ever […]

Victims & Survivors Testimonies

These are 2 cases presented at our Domestic violence and abuse(DVA) Re-Launch 8th, March 2022 “Being a victim of DVA ,l am humbly grateful for our DVA Team @ Kwig […]

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is all about Power & Control. Domestic Violence is more than just physical abuse. Domestic violence and abuse(DVA) affects the whole family, the neighborhood through public commotions, and […]

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