Catching up with the Kenyan Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Thomas. B. Amolo.

Catching up with the Kenyan Ambassador to Germany, H.E. Thomas. B. Amolo.

It’s difficult to miss Mheshimiwa’s inviting viral smile that lightens up an entire
group. The meeting was a fertile one filled with enthusiasm and immense laughter. As
Tabitha Ouma, myself and Mr. Amolo’s small Team of dedicated colleagues downed glasses of
Espresso, Latte Macchiato and Black Tea, he was keen to highlight on the great ideas
that would open doors for Kenyans in Germany.

The Honorary council meetings occur when prominent persons from Kenya visit
Germany and Kenyans get to interact with them. These interactions are, however,
without pay. So basically, it’s spending a day with them without monetary gain. Mr.
Amolo was of a strong opinion that such kind of interactions are significant for
networking purposes.

He further pinned an interactive idea on the table of acknowledging Kenyan artists in
Germany by organizing cultural events. This would include writers, poets, singers,
painters or even performers of cultural music who are willing to showcase their work
of art to a larger multitude. An event can be organized at the Kenyan Embassy in
Berlin, whereby it can also be supported by the same.

The meeting couldn’t have ended well without a stop over at the Zambezi
Springs Restaurant in Hannover. The owner , Esther, a Kenyan not only serves
Kenyan dishes – Tilapia, Ugali, Pilau, Samosa etc, but has a rather welcoming
aura that makes you feel home away from home. It is the reminiscing of good old
days over a plate of delicious Kenyan food that makes one realize the togetherness
and the real meaning of being Kenyan. The hilarious slogan of „ Kenya Sihami“ literally
comes into play.
©Wambui Witten
©KWIG Press Team

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